Tuesday, May 8, 2007

I have become boring

I received an email from my friend Scott today. It read:

Congrats on the new blog. Your site has never looked better and your blogs have never been more boring. You are the anti-boring person Schiavoni so you can understand my disappointment. I am supposing that your lack of posts might indicate that you're out and about even more now — a further suggestion of your fun and exciting lifestyle — but the Schiavoni Files might prove otherwise.

That's the worthless two cents from your editor friend in D.C. Hope all's well!
I appreciated this email so much. I can always count on Scott to speak the truth.

And the funny thing is, that anyone who has talked to me recently knows that my life is pretty crazy right now. The problem is (and you will appreciate this Brett who was recently called a creationist without his consent) that although I want to share the interesting and controversial moments of my life, I don't want those elements to come up in a google search of my name for the next 10 years. Damn double edge sword that is the internet!

However, inspired by Scott, my new goal is to communicate the essence of my chaotic and exciting life without actually saying anything. This should be easy for me given my many years working in politics.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Sturvoni Files

I can't believe I forgot to mention that my dad, who recently retired, has followed in the footsteps of of his daughter and son and gone and started a blog.

It is called "Sturvoni - Busy being Born" (a reference to one of my father's favorite quotes).

In fact, now that brother Tony is going to med school and will finally not have so much time on his hands, my dad may just move in as resident male blogger of the family. It's exciting. I may not go through as much male familial blog posting withdrawal or something.

Oh and in case there is anyone who reads this thing that doesn't get the frequent Sturvoni references, my parents have different last names, dad is Sturm, mom is Schiavoni, brother is sturm, I am, of course, schiavoni, so together i guess we are "sturvoni." Not too elegant, but it works.

Bright Eyes

My brother yelled at me for starting a new blog URL and then not posting. So I'm posting tonight even though I'm not very inspired.

I guess I can write about how Tony, Sep, Brett, Maryam and I saw the Bright Eyes show last night. They were good but it was cold at the Greek in Berkeley and I didn't realize it was an outdoor venue so all I was wearing was a T-shirt and windbreaker. The opening acts played too long which Tony said is commonly the case at the Greek so Bright Eyes didn't get play their full set. But it was still a great show. I'm nominating their song First Day of My Life as one of the best new love songs of the last few years.

Other highlights from the night: Reminiscing about Soy Bomb and Impossible is Nothing video clips. Brett getting accused of hating the internet. Maryam and Brett trying to figure out the deal with Tony's side job as Leina's blogographer. Tony and Sep realizing they are both wannabe meteorologists even though neither knew what barometric pressure was.

Okay, that's all I got. It's been an exhausting few weeks. I'll try to write more frequently and not, as Tony criticized, cop out by posting videos of Chris Rock (although that was funny).