Friday, July 20, 2007

Emily's Bachelorette

Emily is getting married next weekend so last weekend we had a bachelorette party for her. For some reason because her wedding is Mexican themed we decided also to make her bachelorette Mexican themed. Sep lent us his fat pad for the beginning of the party so we began the night by drinking margaritas in the hottub. Then we "ate" at Nick's tacos.
Then we boarded the Mexican Bus because Emily likes salsa dancing. What we didn't realize is that the Mexican Bus is for serious salsa dancers and not a bunch of chicks without partners most of whom have never salsa danced before.
We went to the first club and the bus driver tried to give us a lesson and all these sketchy dudes kept asking us to dance (which makes sense because they thought we were there to salsa dance and clearly didn't have partners).
So then we decided to bail on the next salsa dance club and go to a regular club because we could dance and figured we wouldn't have sketchy guys hitting on us. Of course we were wrong and we had a ton of sketchy 21 year olds all over the place (it must be something about a bachelorette group that draws guys like flies on....). Then we called it a night and went home. It was a good time though. We destroyed emily she sure was hurting the next morning!

Most Annoying Liberal Arts Schools

Wesleyan is a contender for the "Most Annoying Liberal Arts School" I applied and got accepted to 3 of the 10 schools on the list. Hmm....

I do feel like I went through a radical transformation at Wesleyan based on the fact that I got so annoyed with the fake counter-culture there (i.e. trust fund babies wearing ratty jeans that costs more than all my pants combined and driving their $40k jeeps while complaining we don't have enough recycling bins on campus).

When I entered as a Freshman I made my own clothes and had boy short hair. By the time I left I had no problem shopping at the GAP (even for clothes that weren't on sale...gasp), wore make-up and ate a whole lot of beef!

I've heard since I've graduated the "hipsters" have replaced the "hippies," but I haven't decided if that would be more or less annoying.

Thursday, July 5, 2007


Cool pictures from my day as a Chicago tourist. This is this Jelly Bean like sculpture at Millennium Park. It's pretty bad ass and interactive.
Standing in the middle looking up:
This was also cool. It's the crown fountain:
Looks like a normal fountain. But it blinks and spits.
Then we went to the top of the John Hancock building. If you go, head right up to the bar lounge which has "free access" to the look out deck. The drinks are ridiculously expensive but if you go to regular section you have to pay $10 to go up, if you go to the bar, you have to pay $10 but you get a drink. It was cool

Zamelia Wedding

I went to my cousin Zaid's hipster wedding in Chicago last week. There were lots of mustaches present as there should be at any hipster wedding (including my cousin Zaid who is pictured here with his hot wife Amelia).
Newly ordained by the Church of New Life, my mom was the reverend for the wedding. It was very cute.

There were also wigs present for those of us with short attention spans. Yea family photo!

My brother looked especially creepy in those braids. I'm betting this ends up as our 2007 family christmas card.