Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Ask Randoms

From the creator of Wedding Turtle comes the latest and greatest question/answer site:


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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Obama Does It Again

"We did not come here to fear the future, we came here to shape it." -- Barack Obama, September 9, 2009.

God he's good.

I encourage you to watch his whole speech on health care. I laughed, cheered, and even teared up a little at the end. If you don't have time watch the whole thing, watch from 23:75 to 31:53 where he eloquently, yet simply, explains the importance of the public plan. Also, watch 38:30 to 39:00 where he socks it to the Republicans. Now I'm no lip reader, but at 38:54 doesn't it seem like rising star Republican Paul Ryan (R-WI) says something like "That was a good point." I love it.

I have faith he'll get this thing done. The media loves drama, and Obama has a history of letting them spin a little but still bringing it home.