Monday, November 9, 2009

New York Craigslist

I've had two really crazy things happen to while using New York Craigslist.

The first happened about 2 months ago while we were still in San Francisco just browsing for New York apartments on Craigslist. I found a cute two bedroom in the West Village that looked perfect. I emailed them asking them to contact me if it was still available when we got out there in about a week. I immediately get this email back saying:
Angie!!!?! It's jamie from Wes! Is this you?!
It turns out it was my friend Jamie Wong from Wesleyan. She had just moved to San Francisco and was looking for someone to rent her place! While we ended up deciding to get a one bedroom instead, Jamie and I were able to reconnect a bunch over the past couple months which has been a lot of fun.

But it doesn't end there.

Fast forward 2 months. We were now furnishing our new place, and decided to look on craigslist again. I saw this glass coffee table I liked, so I sent off an email inquiring about it. I got this one back:
Are you serious?
I am sure Heather and I can work something out with you guys!!
So funny-we have got to stop running into each other like this-
It was my friend Heather's husband Matt, both of whom I also went to Wesleyan with and had already coincidentally bumped into them the weekend before when we got on the train to go to a wedding in the Hamptons.

I thought this city was supposed to be so big and chaotic!! It's like a small town for crying out loud. No one would even believe these coincidences if they were written in a script.

I am also seriously starting to wonder if the only people who use craigslist in the city went to Wesleyan. Either way though, it's been a pretty reassuring introduction to New York.