Wednesday, December 14, 2011


This blog has followed me through many stages of my life. It's been with my for most of my adult life. As a wise woman once said: "You can have everything in life, but only sequentially."

I'm very aware that my life progresses in stages. I've been through the try-to-change-the-world-and-become-somewhat-disillusioned stage. Then came the-traveling-and-exploring-this-crazy-world-and-myself-is-all-I-want-to-be-doing stage. Then came the I-must-make-my-mark-before-I-get-old-and-settle-down stage. And recently, I went through the must-find-a-good-life-partner-and-cultivate-a-healthy-relationship stage. And right now, as the title suggests, I'm really heavily focused on being a new mom.

I mean, I still have a lot of other things going on (some have said too many), but being a mom is what is occupying the majority of my head space.

My son is a year old now, and I wish I had had more energy to blog some of my experiences in the first year. But I figure it's never to late to begin. This shift in priorities also coincides with a move to the East Coast for my husband's job. We are now in Boston. Time to update the mast head!

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